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Land Development Consultants

specialising in planning, engineering design and surveying.

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With two offices located in Christchurch and Marlborough, Baseline Group is primarily a boutique consulting firm who lay the groundwork for great places and spaces across the South Island.

Subdividing is a legal process and with specific criteria to meet, it’s recommended that you consult before starting a project.

We specialise in planning and engineering design including, resource consenting, surveying, subdivisions and land development, civil and environmental engineering, landscape architecture and urban design.

Whether you need us for just one aspect of a project, or a complete package solution, our experienced team work together for you, creating plans that will meet applicable council requirements and manage the design of urban and suburban areas.

  • Resource consent

    Depending on the site and scope of your development, it may require Resource Consent. Our inside knowledge of how Councils and Government agencies work, and how applications for resource consent are reviewed and approved means we can prepare all of the required documentation and get you through the process as quickly as possible.

  • Subdivisions & developments

    Talk to us about your subdivision or development options. We know how land can best be used and will provide you with all the information you need before you commit to the development. We know the rules and regulations inside out; we can make them work for you to get more than you might have thought possible.

  • Engineering

    We have a sound understanding of how design translates to the built environment. We come up with cunning and innovative designs to solve civil engineering and stormwater problems, and we design services for subdivisions to maximise space to allow for buildings, amenities and infrastructure. It costs you nothing to find out, and you might be sitting on a gold mine.

  • Landscape architecture & urban design

    Put simply, our landscape architecture and urban design skills make places good to live in and attractive to visit. This service helps add value for money in new developments and makes good use of scarce resources. It also works towards an easier ride through the resource consent application process.