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Why you might need us

Perhaps you and your neighbour have decided on a different alignment between your two properties/you’re selling them a portion of your property; or you’ve bought a piece of land to use as a run off block for stock and it has a house on it that you want to knock down; or it could be time to downsize your large farm with a view to building and living on part of it and selling off the rest. These are just a few examples of the kinds of projects we assist on.

They may sound like simple, straightforward undertakings but they come with legal complexities that need to be addressed properly. Not doing so can be costly as well as time consuming.

Small blocks

If you live on a small lifestyle block (eg. around an acre or less) in a rural zone that’s not allowed anything more than 5% (for example) total building coverage, as soon as you want to put another structure on the land, such as a barn or shed, you’ll find you need land use and resource consent.

Our inside knowledge of how councils and government agencies work, and how applications for resource consent are reviewed and approved, means we can prepare all of the required documentation and get you through the process as quickly as possible.

Rural engineering

Rural land development requires discharge consents for stormwater and sewage. With lots of knowledge and experience in this area, we’ll come up with a smart design for your application.
Likewise, to get consent for an underpass you need a proper plan/design to show Council. We can provide this.

Boundary fences

Knowing who owns which piece of land is a seriously important and complex thing. Maintenance of the country’s survey system is the responsibility of Government and any changes to that system must be formally lodged. That’s why, when you want a boundary fence, you should consult with us first. We offer cost-effective alternatives to pegging the boundary that still get your desired end result.

When you might need us

  • Resource consent for bridges
  • Underpass design and consent
  • Stormwater and waste water discharge
  • Boundary adjustments
  • Boundary fencing
  • Downsizing/selling off portions of a large farm

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