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Subdividing your section

Subdivision of your land is controlled by the rules in the Regional and District or City Plan. It can be a very complicated and expensive endeavour, so before you begin, talk to us. We can calculate the costs of your development and make a feasibility assessment so you’re well informed before you start the journey.

Our transparent and thorough process ensures you understand what’s involved and can see it is being completed in a timely and professional manner, leaving nothing to chance.

Topographical surveys

No land is flat so before anything begins in your residential land development you need a topographical survey. This informs your architect and engineer of site levels, trees, fences, other buildings and boundaries, etc. Absolutely everything is built upon this and if it isn’t correct it can be very expensive, complicated and time-consuming to rectify when the issue becomes apparent down the track.

For example, if your architect has designed a flat level building but your site has even the slightest slope, you may end up needing further earthworks to make the design viable. This means you will need resource consent AND an engineer to design a fix.


Boundary surveys

Knowing who owns which piece of land is an important and complex thing. Even so, you’d be surprised how often boundary checks are neglected before buildings are designed, land is sold or fences are built. A redefinition survey may be required to locate the legal boundaries of your property for any of these reasons. A survey can help avoid expensive encroachment disputes and ill-will between neighbours.

Residential engineering

To get your project through the consent process successfully Council need to see a plan for how you propose to deal with stormwater and waste water, getting power and telephone to your site, vehicle entranceways and other access points. Having a plan also allows you to tender the work for the best price.

Engineered access ways

Engineered access ways are quite different to building consent access ways, which often don’t meet requirements because they fail to meet the infrastructure standard. Strength of the pavement needed. Novices and even some professionals often don’t know or understand the strength a pavement requires. That’s where an engineer can save you time, cost and the hassle involved with doing something twice.

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