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We are solution seekers

Driven to unlock the potential in your property, we simplify the land development process and add value from the very beginning. Whether it’s a subdivision or development of any size (residential or commercial), we understand the compatibility and complexity of different land uses. Our in depth knowledge of the rules, regulations and consenting process, combined with savvy thinking, means we can help save you time and unnecessary cost and get more out of the land, ultimately increasing profitability without compromising the quality of your development.

But the groundwork for success doesn’t stop there. Making the most out of your land also means ensuring it functions well and looks good too. Our forward-thinking engineers can spot potential issues and solve them before they have a chance to happen. And we also have the vision and landscape architecture and urban design skills in-house to make your subdivision or development an attractive place people will want to be.

Our offices


Postal: PO Box 950, Blenheim 7240

Office: 30 Maxwell Road, Level 1


03 578 7299


Postal: PO Box 8177, Riccarton, CHCH 8440

Office: 54 Manchester Street

Christchurch 8011

03 339 0401


Postal: PO Box 100, Leeston 7656

Office: 16 Palladio Avenue

Leeston 7632

03 324 8206

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