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Our planning services

Urban and Rural Subdivision

Whether your project is an urban subdivision or a large greenfield development, we can provide site assessments, layouts and redevelopments, feasibility studies and rural landscaping.  We can also advise on options to realise maximum value out of your farm or rural property.

Boundary Adjustment

We’re able to guide you through what can be a lengthy and detailed process, accurately finding and shifting boundaries between properties. Offering more than just repegging the boundary, our cost-effective solutions get the results you want in more ways than one.

Resource Consent applications and submissions

We work closely with councils and government agencies on a daily basis, and our inside knowledge of consent process means we know exactly how to prepare your application promptly and give it the best chance at being approved as quickly as possible.

Plan Reviews and Submissions

Before you make your submission to council, it’s important you understand how the District Plan, as well as any changes or variations, might affect you. Our team identify the most important aspects of what you’re planning and take pride in helping you understand not only what provisions are being made, changed or replaced, but why they’re necessary.

Farming Water Permits and Discharge Permits

We’re well aware of farming-related issues that can arise during consent process, especially when it comes to permits and requirements around water take bores and pivot irrigation systems.


Our experience and rapport with industry partners allows our planners to ensure the success of future developments; making sure that land use and densities are compatible with the values, aspirations and goals of the community.

Landscape Architecture and Urban Design

Part of gaining consent requires planning for how the environment may look or the role that green spaces and nature will work in a new development or subdivision. On a basic level, it’s all about making anywhere we work a place that people want to live in or visit, but it requires a great deal of planning and foresight.


Why you need a planner

Whether you’re subdividing your section, planning a development or an entire subdivision, working with a planner is necessary for any land use project.

Planning permission makes the difference between a bare patch of land and land you can legally build on, however, the work that goes into making it that way can sometimes be a long and complicated process.

Knowing the ins and outs of your council’s district plans or unitary, being able to identify boundaries and the correct types of units and titles that are relevant to your project are all in a day’s work for a planner. Working with one ensures that your application to council for consent is successful, and without one, you run the risk of a very expensive, lengthy and rigorous legal process.


Planning for profit

By choosing to work with us, this client knew the exact cost up front. And by using out ‘good practice’ planning approach we were able to deliver two more sections than originally anticipated.


It doesn’t have to be complicated

By choosing to work with Baseline Group, you have the advantage of being able to call upon not only planners, but land surveyors and engineers under one roof.


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