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Resource consent

Depending on the site and scope of your development, it may require Resource Consent. Our inside knowledge of how Councils and Government agencies work, and how applications for resource consent are reviewed and approved means we can prepare all of the required documentation and get you through the process as quickly as possible.

These are the different types of consents you can apply for, and some examples of when you might need to apply for them.

• Resource consent – To build on your section over the maximum height allowed
• Land use – To Subdivide your section
• Coastal permit – To discharge stormwater into coastal waters
• Discharge permit – To discharge stormwater into land from a house or development area


Landscape architecture & urban design

Part of acquiring consent is showing plans for how the environment might look, and what role nature will play in and around a development or subdivision. On a basic level it’s about making places good to live in and attractive to visit, but also, a lot of future planning and foresight goes into this process. A well-designed and landscaped space helps add value for money in new developments and makes good use of scarce resources. It also helps towards a quicker resource consent application process.


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