Talk to us about your subdivision or development options. We know how land can best be used and will provide you with all the information you need before you commit to the development. We know the rules and regulations inside out; we can make them work for you to get more than you might have thought possible.

Subdividing your section
Subdivision of your land is controlled by the rules in the Regional and District or City Plan. It can be a very complicated and expensive endeavour, so before you begin, talk to us. We can calculate the costs of your development and make a feasibility assessment so you’re well informed before you start the journey.

Our transparent and thorough process ensures you understand what’s involved and can see it is being completed in a timely and professional manner, leaving nothing to chance.

Creating a small development
When creating a small development one of the first decisions to make is what type of property titles to have; this will impact on the costs and what type of construction will be allowed on the site. You could incur development costs dependent on the type of subdivisions.

Our planners can help you through all these variants so you’re informed about your choices and confident you have the best advice to make these decisions.

Developing a large commercial or residential subdivision
Having worked with experienced developers we understand the many pressures and tasks involved indeveloping large commercial or residential subdivisions. Our process guarantees you’ll maximise profits without compromising the quality of your development. The investigation and Research we undertake at the front end ensures we develop the appropriate approach for timely and positive outcomes.

Our successes in past projects has provided our clients with:


Good planning is the grounds for great subdivisions.