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Investing in a Good Consultant to Save Time and Costs

By Anna Mackenzie, Senior Planner, Baseline Group Marlborough.  Ph 027 946 0445, Email anna@blg.nz When deciding what fertiliser to put on your pasture paddocks, you may not go for the cheapest available product. Rather your product selection will be based on the quality of results you see in grass growth and stock condition. In the […]

Promises of Funding to Improve our Water Quality

By Anna Mackenzie, Senior Planner, Baseline Group Marlborough Labour have suggested a new policy to take a tax from water users, including farmers and commercial businesses. The aim of this tax is to return money to the regions to clean up our waterways. While clean swimmable waterways is a admirable goal, the question remains what […]

Big Plans to Develop – Best to Start Early

Anna Mackenzie, Senior Planner, Baseline Group Marlborough Time is a precious commodity that few of us fully appreciate until it is too late. When it comes to the Resource Management Act (the Act), trying to get anything processed takes time. Time to design a project, prepare an application, lodge it with your local council, respond […]

Swimmable Water Quality Standards – a Concept of the Past?

By Anna Mackenzie, Senior Planner The quality of water in our rivers and streams seems to be an impressively contentious issue in the media recently. This is fuelled by the Government’s proposals to change what is meant by a “swimmable” standard to double the current standards for ecoli. A move which would see some of […]

Subdividing Rural Land – Simple, Right?

From time to time farm owners need, or want, to subdivide the farm. This maybe to create a lifestyle block for mum and dad to retire onto, without having to move too far away. It may be to divide a large farm into more manageable units, or to sell a chunk of the farm to […]

Compliance Hurdles for Older Septic Waste Systems

Living in rural New Zealand, for many of us, means having to live in more of a self-sufficient manner than our urban counterparts. Trips to the shops are done weekly or fortnightly and usually planned with lengthy lists to avoid forgetting key ingredients. Water supply has to be sourced from a nearby stream, river, well […]

Change of zones for Christchurch

The Christchurch City Plan and the Banks Peninsula District Plan are under review. The end result will be the Christchurch District Plan, covering both the City and Banks Peninsula. As the year progresses, more and more of the Proposed Christchurch Replacement District Plan is becoming operative, which means that more and more of the “old” […]